keyed in: October 2004

the grouch once called himself a simple man who liked pretty things. what an admirable thing to be it seems to me. living in brooklyn. working in advertising. tons of fun with a slender frame and few cases of wit. drink up.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

the sky's the limit.

my dad's longtime girlfriend is very sick. she needs dialasis (sp?) twice a week and sometimes she has seizures. a couple of weeks ago they got a dog named sky. sky is unlike any dog i've ever met. sky can sense judy's seizures before they happen. when she does sense them, she simply walks up to judy and uses her paw to touch a button on a necklace judy has around her neck. sky still likes to chew on bones, beg for food, and she really isn't the biggest fan of her leash. i know exactly where to scratch on her torso to make her whimper and kick her leg like chun-li from street fighter. AND she senses seizures. my dad was talking about how western medicine has made so many "advances." yet, we don't spend enough time looking to all the animals, vegetables and minerals on our beloved earth. i could do nothing but shake my head in agreement as i stared at sky stare at my cold pasta. i love my dad, judy, and sky. i also really love the people who trained her. my guess is there is probably an animal you have loved?

i don't type well...

it really sucks. sometimes i like to keep my messages short as a result. what's your fancy smancy wpm?

punch drunk smile

today i was walking down the street with a great meal in my stomach courtesy of my favorite less than a mile away taqueria. wearing the kind of "man am i full," smile, i was sure couldn't be beat. then our good friend murphy spoke up again. while staring down at my feet moving, what should come into my sight? a sticker. it was mine. i totally forgot i put it there. it was like seeing my own billboard. i should call ann and ask what that's like. regardless, there it was on this tiny little hose drain. i felt like a million bucks. emphasizing the "felt," part. the only millions in my posession are ideas and they have yet to start paying themselves off monetarily. i wonder who else has seen it?


"the 49%ers," was my high school's nickname for my senior class. it was an apt title, because a school newspaper poll was taken and 49% of the senior class said they went out on the town rather than study every weekend. this weekend i went full throttle with some of my best friends in the whole world. most of my best friends in the whole world fall into the 49%. seeing them often and even living with a few, is something i am and have been thankful for. part of me being who i am, is my friends and how happy they all make me. this goes for all my friends. which in turns makes me twice or three or four times as happy. certainly a scary thought at times. however have weekends with some of them like i did this weekend, makes me miss all the frick'n knuckle heads that couldn't. i miss cameron. i miss blair. i miss jeff. i miss jeff. i miss erd. i miss porter. i miss clive. i miss dustan. i miss nat. kenny, dan, elliot, TABOR! gosh dave b. where are you? everyone has friends they miss, what do you do when you miss them? tell me, i'll respond and frankly you can't beat free therapy these days.

i wonder what goes on in there?

today i was walking home by the pier 39 bus barn. as i passed the building that houses the driver's lounge, i heard the crack of a billiards break and number of people around the table. then there was laughter and some cajoling as well. what are the muni drivers doing exactly when they're chillin out in the break room, i wonder? is this designated funtime pre-shift or
post-shift? would i like it either way? i'd like to think they all talk about better driving techniques and constantly give each other little eyes tests to improve each other's perifereal vision? i just doubt it though. i've had some jobs, i know how to break room. and don't get me wrong, i've had fun and taken extra long breaks, but i don't drive a couple'a thousand folks around each day either. and i'm not accusing, i don't really know what all is going on in there. hell, i wish my work had a pool table. frankly, a break room would be a nice start. don't hold your breath on me mentioning that to the owner. so,what do yall think the muni drivers are doing? do you have a job? ok that was silly, of course you do. what i meant to ask is, what is your boss like? is it you?

"oh my god, is that a wet leaf in your wallet?"

so, i am like many of you out there, i have a credit card,s. i remember as a child the majority of credit cards being solid colored. normally silver or gold, sometimes blue or light green. this platinum stuff has been relatively recent. yet now, as with many other products. design is becoming ever crucial. this weekend myself and some friends were chatting over loud music and billiards when a young lady mentioned she had activated herself a new line of credit. a majority of you out there may have even seen this credit card. perhaps on television or in a magazine sampler, maybe even on one of the many extra pieces of paper in your own credit card statements. the front of the card is a green leaf with dew drops on it. "i love it," she proclaimed. "what's your favorite thing about it, i asked" before she could answer, my good friend, we'll call him jobo jr. took astab@theanswer. you can believe me when i tell you that what he said was almost without question funnier than whatever she was going to say. do you have friends that speak their mind at not quite cocktail parties? share.

always the same v. always changing

this weekend my good friend jamie asked me a very intriguing question: why do millions of peopple eat the same breakfast every morning but the almost never eat the same dinner more than two days in a row? what makes the meal you get up with, any more habitual then the one you generally close with? i have lots of theories. one that stems from my memories of count chocula and the cinnamon toast crunch chefs leads me to believe that our good friend marketing helped make it that way. theories are as always, always welcome.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

wow, nice to see you again

starting about seven days past...

hey are you gay? oh your not, now i'm gonna have to tell everyone in our building you're not gay afterall. do you want to come out tomorrow? by the way i'm crazy. taruppatikonkanivar hooked it up @sfbrewpub. 4 pitchers for 10 bones, wow am i in the bay area right now. i finished by forgetting how much i miss the big lebowski and probably drooling.

work done. toshiba dvd, hello. pink panther theme, BankT are you on your way yet, what do you mean you're watching a shark movie, i saw that and it was terrible (from vince to the reader, i'm lying to BankT about that whole seeing the movie thing), come to beer pong RIGHT NOW. For our victory music nicole and i''ll have some queen, because...

hey sunday aren't you that two faced half of the onetwo punch combo with that other ugly guy monday. "yeah that's me, and what are you gonna do about it silly mortal?"

The answer isn't sleep. For nick either.

yet, the silkscreens are getting better. my newest silkscreen is based on a picture i took of a display model in some guess, gucci, blah, blah, blah flagship store in union square. everyone in class walks over to me, pauses, cocks their head, then asks it if it's a picture of my girlfriend? To anyone out there who reads this, i have a question for you? why is it that the first question they ask ALWAYs the same question?

a partner and i, pitched half our television commercial and went 2-4. if the rest of my commercial pitches go as such i'll have an illustrious career and millions of people who loathe not only me, but the entire body of work i've do. cheers to them, hi my name is BankT.

in talking about the renaissance with david riffert this week i could see that we were not on the same page, due to an apparent lack of education. got humbled, yeah.

when your registration holder moves you get reregistered, write that down. i meant off. sorry. tomorrow i'm going to flap my wings all morning but @theend the worms are on my mother, which is nice. to anyone who reads this, what is your favorite aspect of your mother? if you can not think of anything. i would be equally delighted to hear what aspect you would most like to see in a mother.

countdown to cougar football saturday is ticking like a bomb. authorities expect several explosions over the weekend, keep the children @home

Friday, October 01, 2004

chat room comments for the soul

- " If everybody acted like their internet persona in real life, we'd have nuclear war by now. "

(Try and build a bomb shelter for that.)

- " Two can keep a secret, if one be dead. "

(Very wise, but just keep the secret to yourself thanks.)


these articles are pulled from and advertising web publication titled adrants dail and is a great source of news for a diff. look adv. that being said thanks for the free subscription and here are two of my replies:

Marketers Can No Longer Ignore Weblogs
Intelliseek CMO Pete Blackshaw says marketers can no longer ignore weblogs as powerful influencers and commenters on their brands. Every claim made by a marketer will be shredded to pieces by what is now becoming "citizens media." If a marketer makes a claim, they had better well be able to back it up one hundred percent.

Blackshaw puts this succinctly asking, "Can a wireless provider spending millions to tout customer service escape scrutiny when bloggers can readily provide links to thousands of disgruntled consumers providing evidence to the contrary? Can a pharma company afford to gloss over the fine print in advertisement when bloggers elect to super-size the untold message? Can an auto manufacturer pushing a "safety" message on TV risk having consumers type their brand into Google and have it punch back a loaded shelf space of contradictory messages by consumers?"
No, no and no are the answers to those questions. Marketing has forever become a conversation - a dialog between marketer and consumer. With weblogs, it's been proven consumers are ready to have that dialog. It's not so clear whether marketers are ready to join that conversation.

(this man is completely right! albeit not my own, weblogs are blow'n up the frick'n spot. not to mention people hate the media as is and already don't believe most what they say on television and or any other mass media outlet especially in regards to adv. thus an outlet that allows all the little guys "consumers" to discuss how the larger guys "big business," are indeed lying through there teeth, will of course become popular. one of the only things americans hate more than not getting a good deal is getting taken for a sucker. so god bless our weblogs, and bless you too.)

FCUK Says Goodbye to Logo With Insightful Commercial
A while back, we reported fashion label French Connection was retiring its FCUK brand acronym and had launched an ad campaign to do so. One of the components of the campaign is a television spot which is a brilliant, tongue-in-cheek, self-referencial, insightful play on advertising's obsession with persuasion and sexual imagery. The ad, filled with typical television commercial imagery and poking fun at the things advertisers do to sell product, never once mentions the brand name. Asking, "Haven't you had enough of being told what to do, where to go, what to wear?" and "Don't you just hate being influenced, especially by the great big, offensive logos at the end?'" the ad close with the simple, superimposed phrase, "so ! do we."

There's a problem with this approach though. At some point, French Connection will launch another brand to replace its FCUK acronym and the company will be back where it started - influencing people with great big, offensive logos.

(then i'll tell that one to fcuk off too.)