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the grouch once called himself a simple man who liked pretty things. what an admirable thing to be it seems to me. living in brooklyn. working in advertising. tons of fun with a slender frame and few cases of wit. drink up.

Monday, September 08, 2008

doing everything but Labor

how II

The first how was posted on:

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

It regarded a Dick's Milkshake Cup and was for me very puzzling. Please read that post first for more backstory. That being said this is more creepy. I rolled up to the house and see something stuck underneath my neighbor's bike. I bend over to remove it and get chills once I recognize what it is; a Nick's Lighthouse #5 fried food to-go container!

This is extremely creepy and raise so many more questions like:

How did it get here?
Why right in front of my door?
Is it some how related to Vince now living here?
Are we being watched and played for patsys?

See like the Dick's Milkshake Cup, this little fry box also has personal relevance. Nick's is where I got my first job in San Francisco. I worked there on Fisherman's Wharf for nearly two and a half years. Ironically it is also where I first met chowder boy Vince — who is now my roommate. In fucking Brooklyn! Not in SF, not in California, not even on the bloody West Coast. It gets weirder too. It was used, you could tell that the same cocktail sauce I poured out of big vats had been smeared all over it. How the hell did it get here? And perhaps more importantly, what does it all mean? The world may never know...

who let these guys in the us open?

do not mess with the girls in media

me too

Actually I find it to be rather enjoyable

Thanks for the warning

Hey Kids...

I like specific requests

The first installment of 705 movie night on the roof

"Wait what if we get beers for the line? GENIUS!"

"I'm sorry they're out of Gummy Bears."

These Fucks

Hipster Summer BBQ...check


Big Bad Baseball Stadiums of the USA Cont'd

And we're off

The class of Trenton
Bundle of Sticks!

Here we are!
The maids at this hotel are creative

She was excited to see the Bell

I love this man
I love finishing my plate
Mr. T loves bending metal
Vince loves that this guy is named DeMzel instead of Denzel

He loves Sinbad
They love America
We all love cheesesteaks
I can't believe I actually got him into a Hookah bar
They're all yours Jesse

Vince got em' in three lines

Educational breakfast
According to Vince this is what a man's body should look like

Only 1 bar saddled in between there baseball, basketball and football stadium...DUMB
Still, it served.

Vince goosed this guy
This man did not like us