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the grouch once called himself a simple man who liked pretty things. what an admirable thing to be it seems to me. living in brooklyn. working in advertising. tons of fun with a slender frame and few cases of wit. drink up.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

back at school

all day with the thinking about ads. i must be in school. indeed i am. get up and start on my own, then sit in class and talk about everyone else's. got out of school for the day and helped another group for a number of hours. of course there were other motives involved beside simply contributing extra ideas, but hey two birds with one stone, right. regardless, my brain is exhausted, yet smiling. compliments were given and recieved all day. i'd tell you my favorite one if you weren't suppose keep those things a secret so they can make the inner fire burn hotter.
yet the the tv man still wants the tv spots to be crazier, so i'm gonna fuck his world next week, he'll being dying to see the koa storyboards again.

Monday, September 20, 2004

"the time accellerator"

this is my nickname for the process we earthlings, and most specifically americans, call weekends. for it seems to me they come and go at a rate completely different from that of a similar three day stretch such as monday through wednesday. in posting this blog i intend it to reach the farthest corners of the earth, ocean included for all you oceanographers. SO, if their is a scientist, mathematician, or an out of work genie out there who can tell me how to make the weekend seem as long as monday through wednesday i will gladly pay for your services. i am also interested in advanced time displacement such as making summer seem as long as the school year and vice versa.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

what ticks make me tock

Woman Places Craig's List Ad Looking For Makers of Hood Imagery
A woman has placed an ad on Craig's List looking for the couple who left evidence of a certain activity performed on the hood of her car. Acknowledging that her car does, indeed, need a wash and that people tease her about it all the time, she questions the motives used to persuade her writing, "This is my car, not your bed!"
-well lady, if you went out and left your own sex prints out there they'd probably move on to a fresh car, uh, uh?

Oprah Show One Big Car Commercial
Thirty second spot? So yesterday. Long form-commercial? Uh, uh. Product placement? Out like trucker hats. An entire Oprah show disguised as a commercial for Pontiac's new G6? Killer marketing concept of the last 15 minutes. Oprah's 2004 season premiere yesterday spent the entire show promoting and giving away to every member in the audience, a new Pontiac G6. Seven million dollar's worth of Detroit metal. Oprah even toured the plant and played vingette's of that on the show. While we are as far from Oprah's demo as one could get, it sure seems like the audience was having a good time ...screaming, hugging, jumping and just generally looking like a fool as most do on talk shows. But hey, Pontiac got some good vibe out of this.
-I got nothing.

AAAA's Bans Group From Attending Advertising Week
Following a Talent Zoo article by Danny G in which G offered comment on the upcoming Advertising Week, the American Association of Advertising Agencies has un-invited the advertising recruitment and resource site from speaking at the event. Perhaps prompted by G's comment on the value proposition of Advertising Week, "It'd be more valuable to show the business world how great agencies solve real marketing problems than to have Aunt Jemima give Mr. Whipple a hand job in Times Square," the AAAA's had a hissy and pulled Talent Zoo's speaking invite.

G's point is that Advertising Week is not a fair representation of the advertising industry and he suggests that not only the icons of advertising (Tony the Tiger, Jolly Green Giant or Captain Crunch) get play but, humorously, so should, "Ashley The Scantily-Clad Creative Summer Intern or Rhonda the Token African-American Employee Who’s In Either Media or Accounting, I’m Not Sure." The AAAA's didn't take kindly to that alternative view and sent an email dis-inviting the group. Talent Zoo President Rick Meyers also says the AAAA's "wouldn't recognize site's like Talent Zoo or blog sites as media outlets." That's diametrically opposed the the Association of National Advertisers who has their own blog and has invited Adrants to attend their upcoming annual event.

We had our own comments late last year on the AAAA's Advertising Week event that were aligned with G's and while we still feel like it's going to be a self-congratulatory party (we can't pass on a good party, now, can we?), there's some merit to drawing other businesses and the public into the world of advertising. After all, the advertising future will be a world where consumers, to a great degree, not marketers, control how marketing messages are consumed.

Any first time event is bound to attract comment and that's a very good thing. It should be welcomed. It only helps to improve the future of said event. Banning participation by groups that may have an alternative viewpoint, though, is a very bad thing. There's no left without a right. There's no positive without a negative. No night without day. G's comments might have been a bit inflammatory and any organization has the right to choose who they’d like to attend their events but banning a valuable resource from exposure to the very people who need it is

The AAAA's shouldn't be afraid of Talent Zoo. In fact, one of two things would happen if the AAAA's allowed Talent Zoo to attend - both good for the AAAA. If Talent Zoo take G's tone to the event, Talent Zoo will either add great humor to the event or get booed off the stage. The AAAA's wins both ways. And yes all you "conflict of interest" nudniks, Talent New lists their jobs on this site but we'd feel the same way even if they didn't.
-Apparrently the 4A's have something up their rear and the term nudniks is the new black. I bet that aunt jemima-mr whipple video wouls sell like Paris.

Britney Spears' Elizabeth Arden Ad to Debut On Web
In March, we reported marriage obsessed Britney Spears had entered a deal with Elizabeth Arden to develop and market a line of fragrance, skincare and color cosmetics aimed at teens. The line will be supported by an advertising campaign including a television commercial in which Spears will star. Filmed in LA last month, the commercial will debut September 17th on a new Britney Spears Beauty website in advance of the campaign. The ad centers on Spears exchanging glances with a soon-to-be Mr. Spears/Kevin Federline look-a-like as he checks into a hotel. Later, he hears a knock on his hotel room door and it turns out to be Spears - apparently interested in some form of extracurricular activity.
-Where's the sign-up sheet.

Hot 97 Suing To Block NYC Return of DJ Star
Emmis-owned Rhythmic CHR WQHT "Hot 97"/New York is going to court to block former high-rated morning host DJ Star - who they fired last year - from re-emerging in the market on rival Clear Channel-owned WWPR "Power 105"
-The spite of HOT97 just sucks so incredibly bad.

Spanish Newspaper Co-opts 911 Imagery
In perhaps the most callous disregard for significance of that day and for the pain it caused the world, Spanish newspaper publisher PRISA has sent out an email ad showing the New York City skyline before and after the fateful attacks of September 11, 2001. The headline reads, "You can do a lot in one single day; just imagine what can happen in three months" And PRISA is doing this all to promote the online version of its newspaper, El Pais.
-If an american agency showed two back to back photos with the first being a train gliding on the tracks and the second being a train just exploded by terrorist bombs, Spain would not take it likely it all. Nor would the rest of EU, nor me, just like my feelings on this fucking ad. And I didn't have to be an advertising student to get what they were trying to say, nor did the family members of the 3000+ people who lost their lives that day.

back at it

one who knows the sound of a lost game of jenga knows the sound of defeat. "oooouuuuggggghhhhhh," tough luck buddy. thanks to the red jack i know the sound of defeat as well as the silence of free wi-fi. do you? i thought not, so come and visit my blog.

regardless of the shim-sham of entry sentences, here is what i am her to talki.e.write about. advertsing galas. if i liked to capitalize that would have been one of them. anyways these are things i like to attend. if anyone watches people who work in or even entertain the thought of possibly working in advertising they definitely look around to see who's doing the same.

today was my first proffessional hung-up work, free bar party. i would be lying if i said stereotypes were not permeated through the boards they were hung on. i helped hang the entire exhibit and most of the others helping were just not taking the speed-bumps at the speed or with the kind of smile that i like to take them. patience is a virtue and it seems that i have more than most. thank u grandma shirley. i'm sorry i talked about losing the lakeside game before you died, i didn't know it was coming. and the broken coaster kristi and i lied about, i'm sorry and i apologize. i know i won't know how great you were until much later on my walk, which kills me because i miss you so much already.

nevertheless the party went on and there was eavesdropping to do. ( a note for any future blog faithful that don't follow my blog currently, eavesdropping is one of my foremost talents. it is derived from my many years of waiting tables.) while at the show i read some long copy ads, two of them really hit me and they were both about amnesty international. so what was it that hit me you think? the idealogies of amnesty international or the ads themselves? i'd like to know.

i love observing people schmoozing yet i never get to watch video of myslef doing it. i imagine i would turn red in the cheeks. i manning, me.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

at the heart of the matters

is a more methodical exiter of classes. Methodic \Me*thod"ic\, Methodical \Me*thod"ic*al\, a. [L. methodicus, Gr. ?: cf. F. m['e]thodique.] 4. To facilitate practical observation; synonyms: on his inner clock, taking his sweet time, slow as fuck, etc.

not on your persons

when was it last you completely forgot you were carryingng something important and just left it some where. before you answer that, i'll tell you mine was today. and i know we all have a "Oh my god, I just fucking left that (blank) at (blank)," face. while i'm sure it would have been a good picture, i didn't get it. this would have been one for the record books too, i woulda screwed a lotta people, most whom i don't even know and they're the ones who find forgiving the hardest. but honestly finding immediate upsides in a total stranger who really screwed you over is like winning plinko, sure it happens but look at the percentages my friend. obviously the realization that (blank) was at (blank) made me sweat as though i was running across africa, so i had to take a shower before i bolted. on the bus, on the ipod, on the trail. cross union square, took nine pictures, if it was going to be gone it'd be gone by now i rationalized without reason. flash the id, no smile this time until there they were just like my dumb ass left em. of course we all also have an, "Fuck yeah it's right there," face. another good pic that was not taken on the walk.