keyed in: February 2006

the grouch once called himself a simple man who liked pretty things. what an admirable thing to be it seems to me. living in brooklyn. working in advertising. tons of fun with a slender frame and few cases of wit. drink up.

Saturday, February 25, 2006


i can't ee da top et but i nose whweres to staat

this is real as janice

where i'd try to kick if i flew

beware of shaq

look out for the lip stealer movement

"i hate beer," vs. "good luck with that iz."

(grim reaper face) I see you, dead, I hear you, dead...

hey bengt, do you see the circles?

Thursday, February 23, 2006

quotes from my new favorite place

"he was debating whether to shake my hand." M 80

"if ya want ta, throw it in the garbage...oh he'll get over it" M 75

"we gotta go to the good bakery. where they have the good jelly." F 66 "and they fill it up." F 63

"who wants to stand up and have coffee...yuppies do." F 66

"that's hot chocolate, geez betty are ya drunk" F 62

"once you go scarf you never go back." F 47

"what am i stupid, i'm not paying $3 for that." F 67

"hey son you didn't wear a coat in here did you...see i told you." M 80

"aren't you scared you're gonna have a heart attack drinking all this coffee?" F 25

"(laugh)" F 25

Thursday, February 16, 2006

inspiring smoking and tagging in children

freeze bitches

boy what is it you gonna do when you grow up

mr. kronkle sound like bob mathisen

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

days so long gone i never even saw them


fear tactic

i'm watching you too

finger me

been there done that

lumberg fucked her

Thursday, February 02, 2006

a list of what might be a, "better list"

synonyms for gadoush
themes on late night buses
how to combat red cheeks caused by alcohol consumption
ways to not sneeze
reasons why you're smarter than your parents
the greatest age to be alive
ranking literacy among other things
events that prove quaid and pat have done it
your best pager memory
the secret to telemarketing
why scan-tron tests work
situations bob mathisen would call dumb
qualities that make a cab driver exceptional
things that make you miss a flight
that thing bugging you when you're trying to fall asleep