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Friday, June 24, 2005

so knudsin and a gypsy huh

so knudsin and a gypsy huh
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recently my good friend broke down my hand like he was discussing an ugly font. whilst i'm not sure where he picked it up, he sounded very knowledgeable. for those of you out there who don't know how to read a palm, here it goes. the top line which starts underneath the middle finger and runs right is your money line. there may also be another money which intersects the first, as you can see on my hand. my lines are thick and run all the way till the end of my palm. apparently there is some great money-making opportunities in the future. ode eh. the next line starts in between the thumb and index finger. this is your life line and while i have a very defined line, it is not very long. the line right below it is the love line and as with my life line, my love line is defined, but it stops. moreover, at exactly the same point where an intersecting line cuts them both off. even more ode eh. now that you know, open those palms, read em' and weep.


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