keyed in: A fine line between animal cruelty and human hilarity

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Saturday, June 18, 2005

A fine line between animal cruelty and human hilarity

uncle lancelot
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Recently I was in a stationary store and despite that I was moving around quite a bit. On a very colorful shelf I saw a small book called "Toodles and her friends." Like many children's books it has cute cuddly animals like, kitties, puppies and bunnies, awwwwww. However in a wickedly devilish turn of events, these animals are not playing in the grass or popping their heads out of picnic baskets. Instead, they are forced to put on dead midgets clothing and huck cider on the side of the road. How embarrassing. Take Uncle Lancelot, this has to be killing at least four of his lives. At least my mother, AKA CAT HATER #1 is happy.


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